Work With Us To Create Quizzes That Attract YOUR Customers

A quiz is not just another fad.  Quizzes, product selection, diagnostic tools and segmentation funnels are excellent ways of engaging customers and helping them find just the right product or service.  Quizzes can help guide your customer to the product or service that best meets their needs.

Are your online customers hitting barriers that stop them cold from buying from you?  Or do they reluctantly give up and ring your call centre people to ask a ton of questions?

If the answer is “yes”, then we can help.  We work with you to create:
  • product selection tools 
  • diagnostic tools for experts, academics and professionals 
  • segmentation funnels
  • prototypes if you want to quickly test out an idea before building your solution in-house 
  • quizzes
Take a look at some of our examples, below … Click on the “Start” button for each one to see how it works.
This decision tree tool helps shared office businesses quickly give their potential clients the information they are looking for so they don’t have to ring you up and ask. Saves you time.  Saves your client time.  Saves your receptionist time. Time that can be used for doing other critical work. And it gives you rich and useful data about what services prospective clients are looking for. That’s got to be gold! This type of quiz can be used by any business that wants to know more about their customers needs so they can help them choose the right product or service.
The Thought Leadership diagnostic tool asks a series of structured questions and then returns a score.  This score is used as a baseline or benchmark measure to show what areas a thought leader needs to do more work on in order to begin making an impact. This type of diagnostic tool is useful for measuring progress and highlighting areas where more work is needed.  As well, it can be used for providing highly personalised advice, based on the answers that have been given. It’s also a brilliant way of capturing process flows that can be used by call centre, sales and other personnel to guide them in providing the right sort of advice to customers and clients.
Once again, this is a fun little quiz … but with a serious purpose. This quiz creates a unique opportunity to highlight areas where small micro-changes to driving habits might save lives. Not to mention the opportunity to follow up with an email nurture sequence for quiz takers that educates and raises awareness. That’s a winner any way you look at it. But wait, there’s more! Savvy driving related businesses can use this quiz (or ones like it) to offer their customers discounts on products or services.  Those products/services or discounts can be based on the quiz-taker’s driving habit and preferences.  Your offer could even be based on the changes drivers want to make so they and their family can stay safe on the road. For example, think driving instructors, insurance companies, car sales, mobile hands-free product dealers … the list of potential applications is enormous. The only limit is your imagination.
This decision tree helps highly obese people find out if they are eligible to have a particular type of surgery done which will help them lose weight. Not everyone can have this type of surgical procedure done.  That’s why the report that people get at the end of the process is really useful … it can both educate people and make them aware of what is and is not possible, given their condition. And just so you know … this decision tree was so successful when it was launched that demand outstripped the ability of the clinic to see everyone who wanted to come in for an assessment, based on their decision tree results. Even better, the automated email follow up sequence that has been put in place to provide support to people who have the surgical procedure done, is saving the clinic staff hours of administrative tasks every week. So if you’re a professional and you’d like to put an automated process in place that raises awareness about your services, funnels clients into your office and helps support them afterward … all for less time than you’re currently spending … click on the “Contact Us” button below and we’ll be in touch.

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